Ever get so engulfed in your thoughts that you feel as if you’re suffocating ? You know, those uncontrollable thoughts that constantly bombard us throughout the day. Thoughts that make us feel anxious, worried, and angry.  Thoughts about debt, bills, and problems. They creep up on us and sometimes become obsessive. Obsessive thinking can be detrimental to our overall health and should not be taken lightly.

This is where meditation comes in, a practice that has been around for thousands of years. It has been proved that the practice of meditation, carried out on a regular basis, will mitigate the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

“The variety of meditation techniques, traditions, and technologies is nearly infinite, but the essence of meditation is singular: the cultivation of mindful awareness and expanded consciousness.” You’re basically becoming aware of your thoughts and eliminating the harmful ones.

Meditation is essential in order to feel well and live a happy life. Think about it for a moment. If we learn how to control our thoughts, we can then replace negative and harmful thoughts with positive ones. By eliminating the negative thoughts, we eliminate worries, anxiety, all factors that can prevent us feeling happy.

There  are plenty of reasons to meditate. But if for no other reason, meditate because it makes you feel good. You don’t need to be a yogi in order to bring peace to your mind.


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