Top 5 Rules for Cheat Day

Cheat meals are a must in order to keep a long-term healthy weight. It allows me to  keep a healthy diet without feeling deprived of indulging every now and then. But the worst feeling is having all your hard work go to down the drain after  a weekend of binge eating so I’ve put together my top five rules for staying on track on cheat day.

  • No Guilt. Savor it. Enjoy it. If you allow yourself to feel guilty you are missing the point.
  • Plan your indulgence meals. They should not be a spur of the moment decision.
  • Don’t forget everything you know about portion control. An indulgence meal should not be a license to binge.
  • Limit your indulgence meals to two times a week most of the time.
  • Move on. Don’t allow an indulgence meal to trigger more bad eating. Do it, love every second of it, Move on!

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