Diary of a Twentysomething Year Old : Pt.1

Living in my twenties is far from what I imagined it to be. Am I the only one missing out on all the success? What happened to it being the best years of my life? I thought I’d be traveling to amazing places, making new connections and taking risks on my career path. You know, figuring it all out. But that’s quite the contrary. My 20’s is more like a squeamish feeling than anything else, so Iv’e decided to journal down my road to success to reflect on everything I have endured and will continue to endure in my twenties.

Firstly, lets talk career.  I graduated two years ago with a degree in journalism. Despite my previous internships, which if I may add I have had my fair share, I haven’t landed a job in my field. Although I’m not unemployed, I might as well will be because I work two jobs and still don’t have a decent enough pay to move out of my parents house. My checks go to my student loans and credit card payments so I can’t even think about traveling this summer.

I worked at a retail store until January 2017 when I decided to quit and fully commit to finding a better job. In your twenties you’re at the start of your career so you have no choice but to take any offer that comes your way, but that’s no excuse for complacency. I was living paycheck to paycheck and got use to the routine. Man am I glad I woke up from that dream.

I now work as a part-time substitute teacher by day, and caterer in the evening and night. These jobs give me the flexibility to continue my career job hunt and go on interviews. “Yipee.”  I’ve been rejected so many times, and at the moment I thought it was because of my inadequacy, but I have now come to realize that those doors didn’t open because there is something better coming along. I’m just looking to get my foot in the door so that I can prove my worth and climb to the top. But in the mean time, I’m learning, reflecting, and growing as a person from all of these experiences.

To be continued….








  1. I love this! theres 2 ways to look at it, and you look at the brighter side. theres always something better coming. keep it up and youll do something amazing with your journalism degree!


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