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My heart is racing

I feel it pounding faster by the minute and the shortness of my breath can’t seem to catch up

My sweat escapes the chaos inside me

It flees through my pores and my hands become drenched

Anxiety has hijacked my mind and my whole body surrenders

It is my god so I bow down and meditate on the thoughts

Like a drug they’ve become an addiction, but I try not to overdose.

As I dwell on feelings of worry, doubt and fear of what’s next, I panic, I cry, I lash out again

I need to escape

My heart is pounding. My mind is racing. My palms are sweaty. My body shudders.

Anxiety has come to attack


  1. Beautiful…..! I like…! Physical exercise…! Nutrients have were important for I…too. I like pulse blog…Ma’am.


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