Hi There! I’m Katie Cepeda and I run the Health Gemm website. I am a gym rat, a health enthusiast and a fashion fanatic so I decided to create a space where I could combine all of that and inspire people to be fit, but also live healthy and do it with style. This is where fashion meets fitness.

A lot of people tend to confuse fitness with health. Throughout my fitness/health journey I have learned that being physically fit is only a part of the game. We must nourish our bodies with the right nutrients if we want to live long and feel great. Just like we nourish our bodies, we must nourish our mind and our spirit. This goes beyond aesthetic, beyond physique. This is about being healthy from the inside out.

This is my space to empower women of all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter what race or what color they are. We women are a beautiful creation. We are strong and powerful beings, but we are often un aware of the immense power that we hold. I want to encourage women to unleash their power, to push their limits and to find out what it means to live a healthy lifestyle.